Dogs taming NYCHi, my name is Joaquin and although I am very cute and appear to be posing here, I am quite the fearful little boy. You see my mom acquired me from a breeder in MO and she is now not sure if it was a puppy mill or a real breeder. She flew me to New York and when I arrived and we saw each other for the first time it was love at first sight. I was puny, just about 1 pound, nervous and very under nourished.

You could see all my bones, but my mom loved me anyway. It turned out I had all kinds of health issues and was a very fearful miniature pinscher. I am more fearful of people and objects and loud noises but I am OK with other dogs. I have been with my mom a year now and I don’t scream as much as I use to; maybe when she dresses me. You see my mom is a dog trainer with lots of love and patients and she has been working very hard with me so I can have a better quality of life. I can now walk outside with out screaming my head off and that is saying allot.

So take it from me if you need some help, dog training or advice contact my mom.