Hello My Dog Loving Friends,

It turns out Nassau County has decided to License dog trainers. Good thing, yes and no. Yes if curriculum and criteria are set and they are professionally accredited by the state locations to offer education & licensing. However as of to date, no such place exist. For example electricians must be licensed and a set standard is in place for this purpose. As a dog trainer myself me and my colleagues are asking only for the same. But as it stands, the proposed Bill will be only under the department of Agriculture USDA. With no experience in this arena. I am asking to please support us in signing a petition not to pass as of April 2017. Allow the Trainers Coalition to work with Nassau County and the State to put standards and education in place to properly License all types of dog trainers. Thank you in advance for all your support. Please pass this along to everyone you know, there is power in numbers. Looking forward to working with everyone.


Oppose the Proposed New York State Dog Trainer License Bill